Green Eyes

The Author

Author, painter, lecturer and family woman. Flora, a mother of four and grandmother to twelve grandkids, was born in Jerusalem in 1936, fourth generation in town. She graduated Alliance Israelite Francaise, Cremieux High School, and majored in literature and French culture at Tel Aviv University. Fluent in six languages, Flora spent several years as a school teacher, and managed the international health department of a private hospital for a decade. Today she lives in Herzliya, and spends most of her time painting, writing and lecturing on the subject of Jerusalem and the culture of Ladino, but most importantly enjoys endless love and great joy from her family life.


Green Eyes is the second book by author Flora Ben-Amram, who was born in Jerusalem and grew up immersed in the Sephardic culture that graces the pages of the story. Her first book, Nona Flor, moved scores of readers who were able to visualize the course of the traditions that fueled their families for generations, following their expulsion from Spain.

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