call for participation and online competition
two months prior to the show musicians from around the country are encouraged to participate in The SHINE music competition for a chance at becoming a member of the SHINE band for a once in a lifetime music concert-special with Beyonce and JayZ at the Madison Square Garden in NY.
marketing is done via TV & Social Media activities along with pinpointed casting. the deadline for submissions and first selection is 4 weeks from announcement of competition.
we are looking for charismatic and versatile musicians with stage presence in the following categories:
bass, drums,  percussion, guitar, keyboards, woodwinds, brass, electronics, world/exotic instruments
performers upload to The SHINE website a 45 seconds video where they introduce themselves and show off their musical skills. the videos are showcased by category on the competition page and are up for voting.
exactly 4 weeks after the opening of the registration a pre-selection committee (75% voting power) & online fan poles (25% voting power) choose best contenders:
10 top voted artist of each instrument category advance to stage 2, for a total of 90 musicians


multiple 5min segments aired throughout the 4 weeks preceding the airing of show
starting 1 month before the show 5 minute segments will air multiple times each day on TV, featuring 5 different musician videos of same category (every day features 1 repeating segment). this means that in total we’ll have 2 ‘drummers’ segments, 2 ‘guitarist’ segments etc etc throughout Stage 2 (5 segments per week for 3.5 weeks for a total of 90 contenders).
utilizing the SHINE mobile app fans and home-viewers vote for their favorite contenders throughout each day.
each day's voting closes at 9pm, and the 2 top voted artists of each daily segment are announced and move on to be included in stage 3 of the show.

A total of 36 musicians (4 of each instrument) move on to Stage 3


recorded & live episodes, 1 host, 4 celebrity music judges with live band experience, 1 band master arranger, popular guest singer (different one each episode)
episode 1
  • 36 players chosen online are now in the studio, 4 of each category
  • the players are shortly introduced by category (show their online audition videos)
  • one at a time, the 4 coaches choose players (1 from each category) to form their dream band.
  • at the end of the process, each judge has created a 9 player band which he/she will coach.
episodes 2 - 4
  • each episode will feature a popular guest singer that will perform 2 songs of his/hers and 2 of Beyonce/Jay-Z.
  • a draw of a hat determines which song is assigned to which band.
  • in each episode 3 instruments will be featured throughout the 4 songs, and will be up for elimination.
  • the 4 songs will be in unique arrangements that feature that episode’s competing instruments. competing performers will be situated in a strategic way on stage to feature them. arrangements can include the entire band or smaller ensemble setups.
  • each of the judges will coach their band together with the guest vocalist, to create the best arrangements.
  • before each band’s performance we'll see footage from the rehearsals, the prep talk of the guest vocalist and the band’s coach to the performers about “what it takes”, learn of the relationships within the bands, and see short interview-kits of the 12 players that are up for competition on that episode (4 players of 3 categories).
  • after each performance, there’s a vote regarding the 3 featured players of each band.
  • the judge who’s band it is cannot vote. the other three judges vote, each counting for 25%. the studio audience votes as well, and their collective vote counts for the remaining 25%.
  • voting is done on a touch screen by sliding the Shine Bar from bottom left to top right. the more you slide up, the more points you’re giving. sliding all the way up to ‘SHINE’ is equivalent to a score of 100 (of the 25%)
  • when voting, the 3 judges go first, and then the audience vote which dramatically change the score.
  • as we advance through the songs the pressure rises as it becomes apparent what score the next players need to achieve in order to surpass those that already performed.
  • after the 4th performance, all 12 players have been voted for. the top two of each category are safe (6 players), the two with the lowest scores are up for elimination (6 players - 2 of each category).
  • the elimination is a head to head battle (house DJ + two contenders of each category at a time). contenders play a 30 sec solo of their choice, then DJ kicks in with a beat on which the two contenders exchange 16/8/4/2 bar performances.
  • at the end of each battle the 4 judges vote for a winner. the 3 losing performers (1 of each of the 3 categories) are eliminated from the competition.
  • as certain players start dropping out of the game, other contenders can replace them in their band's performances, as chosen by the coach of the missing player’s band.
By the end of episode 4 we’re left with 27 players (3 of each category)
episode 5 (short episode)
The 4 bands are consolidated into 3
  • The band with the least remaining players will be dispersed into the other 3.
  • The band with the most remaining players is first to fill their most important missing player position, then the next one down gets to choose, then the last band, and so on until all 3 bands are full again with 9 players.
  • the coach of the dispersed team 'looses' to the other coaches and remains as judge only.

episodes 6 - 8
  • same mechanism as episodes 2-4, with minor differences:
    • there are only 3 songs per episode (2 of guest artist, one of Beyonce/JZ).
    • when voting for the 3 performers of each category - one player Shines, the other 2 battle it out
    • longer interview kits of the players that are up for elimination, see a glimpse of their private life etc.
By the end of episode 8 we’re left with 18 players (2 of each category)
episode 9 (short episode)
Beyonce and Jay Z join us in the studio for the first time!
The 3 bands are consolidated into 2
  • the band with the least remaining players is dispersed into the other 2.
  • the coach of the dispersed team 'looses' to the other coaches and remains as judge only
  • Beyonce and Jay Z perform a short medley of their hits with the 2 newly formed bands

episode 10 (semi finals)
  • Beyonce and Jay Z worked with the two bands over the past week. we get a glimpse of rehearsal process before each song, stressed competitors, inner band relationships and interview kits.
  • Beyonce and Jay Z each perform 1 song with each band (total of 4 songs)
  • each song will feature 5 instrument performance categories and short interview kits with each of the contenders will be shown prior to performance.
Final vote is done 100% by the home viewers. When the show closes, America is asked to vote for their favorite players of each category. Voting opens end of episode 10 and closes middle of episode 11 finals
episode 11 (next day finals - aired live)
  • episode opens with a music instrumental ‘battle’ that is played between the two bands opposite each other.
  • voting closes and winners announced one by one. as they are announced the winners walk to the middle stage slowly forming the final consolidated winning band.
  • the coach who's band had the most chosen finalists wins 'best coach' following a 10 episode rivalry with their peers  
The 9 winners then perform an impressive music number with Beyonce and Jay Z, in a great celebration!
The Madison Square Garden Concert Special is announced, its profits go toward music education programs